GOSSEN: Photo- and Lightmeasurement instruments

GOSSEN Foto- und Lichtmesstechnik GmbH
In autumn 1
997 the business unit “Foto- und Lichtmesstechnik” was established as an autonomous company out of the
Since then the GOSSEN Foto- und Lichtmesstechnik has been on the road to success.
Our more than 75 years experience as manufacturers of high precision meters has proved its worth, particularly in the field
of light measurements, as well as the use of innovative techniques in our Research & Development and Production.
“Tradition is good – Innovation is better” is the key word of GOSSEN Foto- und Lichtmesstechnik GmbH.
GOSSEN Foto- und Lichtmesstechnik GmbH turns out to be a relatively small but progressive company with orientation on the measurements of light, which meets the challenges of the constantly growing and quickly varying techniques and markets by
continuously developing new products.
Moreover, GOSSEN Foto- und Lichtmesstechnik GmbH proves to be a well-tried and reliable partner in all of our three
following business ranges:

PhotographyHere, the company GOSSEN offers a wide range of exposure meters which are suitable for digital as well as for analogue photography. These exposure meters meet the challenges of th

e professional photographers as much as the demands of the enthusiastic amateur photographer.

Industrial Light Measurement
The Industrial Light Measurement includes our high-precision illuminance meters and luminance meters. All luxmeters and luminance meters are classified in accordance with the norms DIN 5032-7 class C or B or resp. EN 13032-1.
As an additional option, test reports may be made out in our own specially equipped and certified light laboratory.

Medical Technolo

In the field of Medical Technology, GOSSEN cooperates with well-reputed partners. Apart from the classical surveillance meters (IEC 61223-2-5), GOSSEN manufactures luminance meters for the Inspection Approvals of diagnosis monitors and viewing systems in accordance with DIN 6868-57. This range of medical meters is completed by special OEM-solutions.