Knowledge means to us: to go different ways.

Based upon perception and experience grown during years of cooperation with the branch-leading manufacturers, the constant survey and critical follow-up of current technical evolution and developments in our market range, results in our deep know-how in products and their application.

Also custom-made cables, lighting fittings and lamps according to individual requirements and specifications are part of our production possibilities.

For you as a customer, our know-how opens your access to most suitable products at an excellent value for money, in any situation.

Knowledge meansto us: to gain informations and to spread them

Not only the knowledge base of our staff is assured by frequent internal education, but we also externally school our partners and customers on a brand independent, commercially neutral basis.

Here we may point at our professorship at the Fachhochschule des Saarlandes (TH Saarland) in the domain of architecture: lighting engineering.

Last but not least the news pages of our internet site should serve as a forum for the latest tecnical developments and trends:
one idea ahead.

Knowledge means to us: to be an answer.

Based upon experience in products and the constant survey of the latest evolutions and developments in our market range, our stock is smartly organised keeping a large choice of cables and accessories a your disposal, ready for immediate shipment.

As a special service we offer the creation of an individual product range: your virtual stock.

Knowledge means to us: to ask questions.

We find a lighting solution and do not simply search a product.

To do so, we start asking questions to our customers: the intended application, the desired picture, the architecural intergration, both ergonomic and esthetic requirements.

From there we elaborate a distillate by valuating economic, ecologic and security criteria:
a smart lighting concept.

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