BIOTECH: Horticultural Lighting

A new Lighting Product Line from a Canadian company committed to designing and

manufacturing the world’s most scientifically advanced grow light systems.

Whether you need lighting for your grow tent or larger facilities, we are here to provide you with the best light intensity and uniformity available today, at a price you can afford, and we will be there to work with you every step of the way.

Designed and manufactured in Ontario, Canada

Fixtures are built to the IP66/67 standard making them pressure washable and scrubbable

Passive heatsink increases reliability and enables easy cleaning and disinfecting

Extruded, anodized aluminum housing for resistance to pressure washing, chemical disinfectants and vaporized sulfur

Optically clear tempered glass is safe for impact, highly efficient, and easily cleaned

Please feel free to contact Michael Thiel for further information

XAL: Customised Solutions

For unlimited creative freedom

Even the widest product range can sometimes fail to meet a project’s specific requirements. Together with you, we develop bespoke lighting solutions that are tailored to your project’s specific architectural and aesthetic needs. Find out more about our unique and challenging past developments.

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New developments

Together with you we develop new products for your bespoke requirements. From a certain project size, you can count on our support. Our team of experts will help you to realise your concept from the initial design to commissioning.

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Athletic performance

Winners deliver top performance. With this luminaire, the XAL designers developed a completely new product, to deliver the lighting design for the Raiffeisen sports hall. The goal was to maximise brightness in the hall. The narrow body of the luminaire allows generous incidence of daylight, complemented by bright LED spots in-between. As a bonus, „Arena“ can also withstand direct hits from balls, etc.

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© Photographer: Paul Ott; Architect: projektCC zt gmbh; Lighting Designer: Hailight Lichtplanung Andreas Haidegger


Does your project have special colour requirements? Are the dimensions or radii of our standard profile portfolio insufficient for your project? Do you need special control gear or control components for the bespoke implementation of your lighting control? Our high degree of vertical integration enables simple and flexible adaptation of standard products.

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The chemistry of light

Hexagonal centrepiece: The interior design concept for the healthcare company MSD uses narrow lines and the hexagonal shape of chemical compounds. Light and luminaires should convey this vision. For this, we adapted our only 4cmnarrow MINO 40 system according to the architects’ concepts. Specially manufactured bespoke profiles made the hexagonal arrangement of the filaments possible.

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© Photographer: Photos by Szymon Polánski; Architect: Massive Design

Harmony of contrasts

Smashing boundaries also means combining light and shade. The lighting in the open space of the OTTO headquarters was intended to accentuate its expansive architecture, inter alia through its design lighting. XAL created a custom-made dual solution, which is also a recessed and surface-mounted luminaire. Thus, the realisation of a shadow gap succeeded, together with a profile embedded in the ceiling.

07harmonie 1563450618 1

0801 1561478080 2
©Photographer: Photos by Szymon Polanski; Architect: Massive Design

Brilliant luxury

Golden times at the Meran fashion store: To ensure the success of the overall aesthetic concept, XAL took on the stylish illumination of 550m2 of retail space. A combination of our MINO systems with special radii and embedded spots provides the basis. The luxury highlight: specially curved blind covers. This cover allows a glamorous overall picture in harmony with the powder-coated lights.

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© Photographer: Jürgen Eheim; Architect | Lighting Designer: Walter Angonese with Federica Cattani

Work light that lives

Light must be for humans. That is why we equipped Hogast‘ s open glass-fronted offices with smart lights. Thanks to an integrated sensor, TASK detects which employees are present and reacts to natural light conditions in order to adjust the brightness individually and dynamically. The transparent offices thus become lively, light-filled workspaces around the clock.

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Let’s customise

We know that despite our extensive product portfolio some projects have even more stringent requirements. That is why we want to realise customer wishes with you, however unusual. Get in touch with us at SIPEL, your XAL outlet for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

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Everything remains. Except better

eline next 2

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E-Line Next LED makes it all possible. The modular system offers previously unknown flexibility in terms of optics, lumen packages, lengths, protection classes, etc. With maximum quality of light and efficiency of up to 190 lm/W, it’s the ideal choice for all continuous line projects.

eline next 1


Three different module lengths make E-Line Next LED especially adaptable. The classic 1,500 mm-length gear tray is ideal for renovating old E-Line systems. In some applications, for example supermarkets, perfectly illuminated merchandise aisles and shelves play an important role. Until now,
lighting designers had to compromise with aisle lengths that could not be exactly divided by 1,500 mm. This is the reason why TRILUX now offers a 750 mm-length gear tray – ideal for “filling gaps” and optimisation in the shop area. There’s also a 2,250 mm-length luminaire insert for particularly
cost-efficient buildings.

leine next 3


Precise selection of the luminous flux guarantees maximum visual comfort and efficiency. This is the reason why the luminous flux packages of E-Line Next LED can be selected from 2,000 to 10,000 lumens in steps of 500. Between 10,000 and 20,000 lumens, the luminous flux packages can be configured in steps of 1,000 lumens. This means that warehouses with high mounting heights can be illuminated just as effortlessly and efficiently as offices, supermarkets and educational facilities.

eline next 4


Upon request, E-Line Next LED will no longer be delivered to the construction site in the usual 1 or 4 packs but in a large, tailor-made container optimised in terms of packaging. This not only reduces packaging waste. It also saves time when unpacking and with waste disposal, and reduces installation time by up to 15 percent.

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