WILA: Siro

WILA: Siro, the suspended up+downlight

Highest quality of light plus minimalist design.

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The filigree pendant luminaires of the new product range Siro from WILA provide the perfect quality of light for performing accent lighting tasks. Their lean design in 80 and 120 mm diameter as well as versatile colour combinations allow for an unobtrusive integration into any type of architecture. Due to the built-in driver, direct and indirect light emissions from Siro luminaires can be switched separately. With CRI 98 and CRI 83 and 1x2SDCM the light quality produces perfect lighting results and a harmonious overall look when combined with, for instance, alphabet spectra recessed luminaires because of the identical quality of light.
Due to the balanced shadowing this mix of direct/indirect light creates a lively and inviting setting in foyers. The stepped back mirror reflector made of pure high-polished aluminium (Al99.98) also ensures highest visual comfort. In addition, WILA offers the Siro product family with a diameter of 160 mm, the lights are perfectly glare-free and with UGR < 19, 65° < 1000 cd/m² suitable for VDU workstations.

The Siro product family is perfect for any mounting situation. Up/Downlight, the cylindrical surface-mounted or pendent luminaires offer the ideal solutions for concrete ceilings or ceiling restrictions. A uniform lighting level can be retained despite differing ceiling heights by combining pendant luminaires with Downlights.

The slim housing with a diameter of 80 mm, sets the tone in attractive colour combinations of white, black and silver. At the same time, the extruded aluminium profile without joint provides an ideal heat conduction and thus a long service life of up to 50,000 hours.

A sample is avalaible on simple demand. Just ask.

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The NEW WILA pendant family “SIRO” brochure is out now, download it here http://bit.ly/2B7yfge #WILA

TRILUX: LiveLink Lightmanagement


Trilux live link b

Intelligent light will revolutionise our everyday life just as the invention of the incandescent bulb did way back when. The entry of LED technology into the mass market already constitutes the foundation for these far-reaching changes. Already today, LED results in massive energy savings. But this does not, by a long shot, exhaust the opportunities. Light can support healing, improves our ability to concentrate and perform, and increases our well-being as well as safety and security. What are we missing for this revolution? Light management that provides new functions through intelligence and that makes planning and installation completely straight-forward.

Trilux live link starter kit

Jointly with sensor technology specialist STEINEL, we have bundled our know-how and our specific experience and developed exactly said intelligent system: LiveLink.

OKTALITE: Twingle Spot

OKTALITE: Twingle Spot


Six white light colours, three modules, one concept: directed, additive light with a low luminance emphasises goods and architectural elements without dazzling the observer. In that way you create a pleasant sales atmosphere with elegant and high-class effects. TWINGLE SPOT accentuates the goods with a focusable beam angle.

Abb twingle spot4 9016 thumb 01

Application areas:
Base illumination


Luminaire colour:
Bicolour finish
RAL 9005 jet black
RAL 9016 traffic white




Floating light

Xal ela evo

The VELA series of luminaires has been an established part of the XAL product portfolio for more than 15 years and over this time has become noted for its combination of minimal design and innovative technology. The variations in the latest generation VELA EVO round series of luminaires range from ceiling mounted and suspended versions to wall-mounted luminaires. The improved efficiency, giving up to 143 lm/W, together with a further reduction in the installed depth and the new quick-mounting system make it even more impressive.