GVA: FL 100 LED Projectors

The Most Advanced Architectural Spot and Flood Light 


From ultra narrow 4.5° beam to 60°x10° and 55°x33° beam angle, horizontal/vertical or vertical/horizontal

Compact size, only 86mm (3.34in) in depth

Weight of only 5kg (11lbs)

Advanced thermal design with cutting-edge manufacturing process and materials

IP66 sealed body design

Meets 3G ANSI C136.31-2010 Vibration standard for Bridge and Overpass Applications

Highly adjustable with 360° horizontal rotation and 240° vertical rotation

INFINITY® Technology compatible     Link: INFINITY

COLOR-AMP™ technology allows up to three times higher light output in specific colors       Link: COLOR-AMP

Best color mixing, performance and tightest beam angle

Built-in high temperature power supply (AC) other options available

Plug-and-play with STR9® luminaires


Beam angles ranging from 4.5° to 75° with elliptical distribution options

Custom color combinations available from LED selection

Optical accessories for glare control

Mounting accessories for surface, wall and pole

Wide range of anodized body colors

ELV (48VDC), INF (380VDC) and AC (85-264VAC) input options.
FL 100 Mono

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Wiggle can be applied as a surface-mounted ceiling or wall luminaire and integrated flexibly into the architecture thanks to a series of individual modular elements that can be combined and adjusted to create the required shapes, curves and forms. The length can be extended virtually endlessly. And it is you who decides what form it should take – be it a continuous line or a curve. We can provide you with design ideas and 1:1 scale plans to start you thinking before you embark on mounting Wiggle. Feel free to design the lighting layout as you think fit. We will not hold you back. At last a lighting system that knows practically no bounds and can align to your creative ideas. The flexible Wiggle luminaire is the result of a close collaboration between Swiss architect Andreas Tobler and Regent Lighting.

In order to ensure a high degree of flexibility, the row lighting system consists of a series of individual high-quality lighting modules. Whether straight, circular or wavy – fitted with pivot joints that rotate through 25°, the modules can be combined to create just about any shape imaginable. And you can also decide how long you would like the row system to be, thus allowing you to design practically limitless lengths of continuous lines or curves using 1.5 m sections. To help get you started with this new way of designing with light, we can provide you with a selection of design ideas and 1:1 scale plans. With just a few modular elements you can realise a wide range of design ideas. Discover just how imaginative you can be with yet another creative row lighting system from Regent.

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