SIPEL: SATTLER Light in New Dimensions

SIPEL to cooperate with SATTLER Lighting

The Design of the Lighting Items “Handcrafted in Germany” is self speaking.

Absolute craftsmanship in both illumination and metal finish sum up to
unique lighting solutions.

from retail spaces to entry areas and medical cabinets:

the use of materials yet unknown make the unexpected possible, such as in the “luce verde” collection.
a mind blowing lighting fitting, wich puts green under you ceiling, in your entrance hall or at your reception desk.

judge for yourself. inquiries welcome.

Sattler website

Square Soft + Acoustic
Sattler Product Soft Square2 1440

Sattler Produkt TOCCATA 7 2000

Luce Verde
Sattler Product Luce Verde Slim 1

Sattler Product Luce Verde Anello 1

Sattler Product CIRCOLO SLIM Wall1

Circolo Floor
Sattler Product Insospeso Floor1 14

Quadra Medical
Sattler med Dental Quadra 800

Circolo Medical
Sattler med Dental Circolo 8001