XAL: iF AWARD 2015

Once more XAL shines at the noted iF Design Award 2015

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Download TASK FolderIfawardwinner2 8016

Download TRAPEZ FolderIfawardwinner3 8018

Download STREAMCUT Folder Ifawardwinner1 8014

As we believe in our products we have once more adjusted to the competitive challenge of iF Design Award and submitted our products. It was definitely worth it! Although it was only our second time of participating, we have been awarded with three prizes in the category “Lighting”. The international committee of experts agreed that our products TASK Suspended, TRAPEZ, and STREAMCUT Bollard were outstanding among the many submitted pieces and hence fulfilled the demanding criteria of the contest.

TASK is a workplace lighting system that strikes the eye through its extremely flat shape. It has been adapted to the demands of modern office life and impresses with optimum glare suppression and suitability for use with computer screens. TRAPEZ, the trapezoidal ceiling lamp of the Israeli designer Gidi Tuchler, shapes its surroundings and shows a harmonious asymmetry. TRAPEZ enhances minimalistic architecture and living areas. The outdoor lamp STREAMCUT Bollard (design by Kai Stania) can be swiveled up to 90° and is perfect for illuminating outdoor paths or patio areas. The flashy cooling rips of the illuminant housing and the cubical shape are additional strong design elements.

On 27 February 2015, together with 2,000 other guests, we will pick up the awards for these products at BMW Welt in Munich and will party with the other award winners. Honor to whom honor is due!

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